A team leader at just 23 years old: if you believe in yourself, your employer will believe in you too

“The most important thing for young people when choosing a job is financial stability, another one is career growth opportunities. Everyone wants to reach higher and achieve more. To start in one role and to advance after some time; it’s very pleasant to be able to do so inside a company. To grow not only as employees but as individuals also.” says Kornelija Verygaitė who, in less than two years, made an impressive career for herself while working at EBV Finance.

Her employment in said company began at the start of the first quarantine in April 2020. Kornelija started as a VAT application administrator and was promoted to the position of senior administrator one and a half years later and after a couple of months she got a chance to apply for the position of VAT team leader. So Kornelija decided to take the risk. From this January, a woman just barely 23 years old is already the leader of her own team.

“I can firmly say that my journey in this company has been very interesting and full of challenges. Sometimes even I can’t grasp how much I’ve grown at EBV Finance in less than two years while changing my position at work three times.” Kornelija tells.

After completing high school, Kornelija admits that, unlike her peers who already were set on becoming doctors, lawyers, etc., she didn’t have a clear vision of her career. She had learned about EBV Finance while searching for a job on a listing online, as many people do. Kornelija remembers that after searching up the company, it seemed quite interesting and promising; the open position that had caught her attention as well.

“At the end of my university education, I applied to many jobs and was quite resolved to work in a logistics firm, but the decision to work in EBV Finance was determined by just how interesting the position of a VAT applications administrator sounded, especially it’s nature and specifics. It was also important to me that the company was international, fast expanding. Then I thought that this would be a great opportunity for me, a person who is just finishing my studies, to grow because there would be many opportunities to do so as the values of the company suggested.” she says.

What makes working at EBV Finance fun is not only the job itself but also the attention to employees, such as birthday salutations and small gifts. Kornelija notes that “it may seem banal but this kind of attention is always sweet.” She talks about company celebrations and team building events where it’s very fun and nice to interact with co-workers in a casual setting. Also contests, for example, the app Peero, which you can use to rate your colleague or thank them based on company values – that is also very fun.

“For those who are just starting out, I would firstly wish for you to have self-confidence. To be unafraid to put yourself out there, to test yourself and take risks, trust your knowledge and skills. To never say “I don’t know if I can do it”, to instead tell yourself “I can do it” and do, reach for your dream job. Newbies often hear that they “don’t have experience“, but to that I always replied with “I want to gain it in your company”. So be self-assured and don’t hesitate. Because if you believe in yourself, your employer will too!” says Kornelija.