Career opportunities in IT at Accenture!

Career opportunities in IT!

“Accenture” experience in recent years has shown that more and more STEM students want to pursue a career in information technology (IT). The IT sector is diverse, wide and promises continuous improvement, which is one of the main motivating factors for joining the field. There will be no boredom in working in this sector, and there will also be plenty of opportunities to test your limits.

How to take the first steps in the IT sector?


“Accenture” developer of robotics process automation in the Baltics countries

I studied economics and business, so after graduation I started working in finance, providing administrative support services. While working at a bank I had the opportunity to touch on a business process automation project. The experience gained in the project made me think about the development of technology and future career opportunities in finance. I was 23 years old at the time, so I thought I would either decide to change professions now or never. I have decided to take this step, so after working in the bank, I started studying business process automation in the evenings. I got a certificate proving my knowledge and I started working on company “Accenture” which at the time was running a new automation project in the financial field. The start wasn’t easy, there were not only good but also bad days, which were helped to overcome by helpful colleagues and inner determination, which encourage not to stop but to move forward. It’ll soon be three years since I decided to change professions. Seeing how fast business process automation is evolving I’m convinced of the viability of this area and that I have made the right decision.

The IT sector offers more opportunities than I imagined


SAP technical consulting team manager.

IT specialist Niklavs planned to follow in the footsteps of his godfather and become an electronic engineer, but plans changed when he accidentally noticed the announcement of “Accenture” programming training. He started his career in IT ten years ago as a trainee, but now he’s a good example for others, proving that it is possible to move up the career ladder with hard work and a desire to move forward. Niklāvs is currently the manager of SAP’s technical consulting team. 

Niklavs working at “Accenture” all his career, excluding temporary work while attending school. Asked what an SAP specialist does on a daily basis, Niklavs explains that programmers and IT consultants work in this position, forming a joint team of technical consultants whose main task is to help the customer implement various IT solutions. When a customer presents their vision or desire, SAP professionals need to figure out how to turn expectations into concrete results.


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The IT sector offers many career opportunities for motivated people. This is a interesting way for anyone looking to learn the profession of the future.