Career story: from „Salesforce“ administrator to business analyst

Career story: from „Salesforce“ administrator to business analyst

She started her career at the „Telia Global Services Lithuania“ competence center with no prior experience in this industry, but she has already demonstrated that everything is possible with a strong desire! Let’s meet Gintarė Radžiūnė! 

Gintare, could you please tell us more about your current job role and its responsibilities? 

I am currently a business analyst in the competence center team of „Telia Global Services Lithuania“. My responsibility is to plan and lead the project process together with business clients, define functional requirements and ensure that they would be fulfilled. 

How did your career start at the „Telia Global Services Lithuania“ organization?

To be honest, I came to the job interview without any appropriate experience for the position at the time, only with a big desire to learn and wish to be a part of this newly created team. I had analyzed the company and the role, therefore, despite a lack of practice, I could prove that I am a proper candidate. This was back in November of 2019 and today I’m still with the same team!  

Speaking of your career path did you talked with the director coordinated the process, yourself examined the structure and searched for opportunities?

Since I started to work without any appropriate experience, I needed some time to learn and to get used to a new „Salesforce” administrator position. After about a year, I felt I had outgrown my role and wanted to take more responsibility, which led me to the position of business analyst. I can’t take all the applauses, because my amazing manager Justas assisted me so much with the planning and interviewing. Kudos to him! 

How did your career look before join „Telia Global Services Lithuania“? Are you where you always wanted to be? 

My career began as a customer service specialist. I changed a few roles at the company and felt that I needed something more complicated. It’s funny, but when I began to consider changing careers, I was offered a position as an IT support analyst. My first thoughts were „… Hmm IT, what I would do there?“ Nevertheless, the opportunity was too excellent to miss out, so I accepted the challenge, and it was great! This was the door to an IT world. 

Later on, by wanting to challenge myself even more I accepted a career as an IT program specialist. Exactly here my career seemed to have stopped. I didn’t like the position in which I was, daily tasks, which I had to do. I tried to talk with my manager, but he didn’t hear me. It’s difficult to put into words how I felt at that time… You like the company, love your team, though you can’t talk with your manager and every workday is painful. And then I decided to leave, turn to nowhere, just quit everything. About five months I haven’t worked anywhere. But during that time, I realized what I wanted to do, how I wanted to do it, and where I wanted to do it. During these months, I didn’t apply to any of the open positions until I saw this one. Now, after almost two years, I have no regrets.

How would you rate „Telia Global Services Lithuania“ culture? How does it assist you in seeking your desired career? 

I think that „Telia“ in general and „Telia Global Services Lithuania“ competence center gives you many opportunities, but everything depends on you. You either use these opportunities or you don’t. „Telia“ offers a wide range of training, mentoring and leadership development programs, allowing us to improve both professionally and personally. I had a chance to participate in the „Dare2Grow“ shadowing program, which was one of the best experiences since it allowed me to understand the benefits and drawbacks of various jobs at the company. So, dare to take use of the opportunity and participate in various programs! 

Thank you, Gintare, for sharing your amazing experience with us!