Career with a guarantee: why it pays to be an accountant

Career with a guarantee: why it pays to be an accountant

When choosing a profession or field of study, accounting is often associated only with of plenty accounts, endless numbers and monotonous work. The experience of the employees of the international company “Wester Union” shows something else – the work of a modern accounting specialist is much more dynamic: in a large company, accountants work in a team, communicates with customers, improves the profitability processes of companies, and routine work is robotized. Continuous deepening and improvement of professional knowledge, internships abroad – as well as everyday life of an accountant working in an international company, and the popularity of this specialty doesn’t decrease over time – smart accountants will always be needed both in Lithuania and at “Tesla Motors” headquarters.


Accountant’s work may seem boring or monotonous for whom isn’t pleasure to complete the work begun or for who feels good just being in the spotlight. Accounting processes are usually cyclical, with a clear beginning and end. For some, this can be disappointing, while for others, clarity and completeness of processes are very satisfying, and the work done is measured by concrete tangible results.

„Yes, there is a lot of precision and process improvement in our profession. But it’s not really boring to work with, because you’re always close to what’s changing”, – says Greta Mačaitytė, accountant of the international and cross-border money transfer and payment company “Wester Union Lithuania”. 

While the daily routine of an accounting professional is inseparable from numbers, they’re only a tool of work, not a goal. Modern accounting is based on a well-developed IT system – accounting software fully automates tedious daily work. An accountant these days isn’t only a master of mathematics, but also an IT champion: he needs excellent Excel skills, including at least a basic knowledge of programming languages such as „Visual Basic for Applications“ (VBA).

Reality is more interesting than myths

Accountants need time to master their work tools well, but it’s just one step from continuous professional and personal development. The biggest part of an accountant’s job is communicating with colleagues or partners, so team and communication skills are also essential here. „People think it’s a quiet, monotonous job. But when you start working, you realize that there are changes in companies that need to be examined, deepened and devote a lot of time”, – says Aistė Grigaliūnaitė, chief accountant of “Western Union Lithuania” who graduated from Vilnius University with a degree in audit and accounting.

An accounting specialist is always in the whirlwind of these events, not only performing their tasks but also helping the entire team.

„I never thought that accounting covers so many areas and has so much influence on the company’s processes and decisions. When I chose to become an accountant, I didn’t realize this weight”, – says Vaida Zamblauskienė, manager of the “Western Union” accounting team.

One of the biggest myths about accountants is that they’re „gray mice“ with whom it’s hard to have a conversation and make a connection. However, V. Zamblauskienė refutes this opinion. „We’re people with healthy humor, who realistically assess problems and are able to make fun of them. That’s exactly what my colleagues accountants are like”, – – she says, adding that the cyclical nature of the work of a specialist in this field and the need to work according to certain deadlines, specifics, jurisdiction is very interesting and does not lack opportunities for continuous improvement. “It’s necessary intense, constant work to reconcile everything, but if the load is distributed wisely, I feel great. When I’m asked with what slogan I can end the day, I often say: „Well, today I learned something new.“ I have been with „Western Union Lithuania“ for nine years now and I’m still studying. I like it immensely”, – says an accounting specialist.

Many opportunities for improvement

The work of an accountant at “Western Union Lithuania” can not only ensure a solid professional experience, but also become the beginning of an international career. Here you can raise your career wings in all directions – those who want to have not only excellent opportunities to climb the ladder of this profession in their own country, but also globally. The company often sends professionals to gain internships in other countries.

When choosing a profession, it’s necessary to take into account personal interests – then the chosen job won’t be an obligation. And when choosing a company, it’s advisable to look at how it takes care of their employees. Accounting specialists at „Western Union“ says they’re most pleased with the company’s sincere concern and team atmosphere. “Here you can freely express your observations and opinions about working conditions, we’re evaluated for own efforts in addition, we constantly feel the attention of managers and colleagues. The organizational culture is also great – many initiatives and events, we participate in team building activities, volunteering is encouraged. There’re many opportunities to grow, get to know different departments and work with them to gain new knowledge in every situation,” – says Gerda Kacevičienė, manager of the accounting team.

“Western Union Lithuania” gives many opportunities for career growth and competence development. There’s an opportunity to grow from a specialist to a manager position. If you want you can change the accounting area or command. Working in a global company, we can gain international experience in both a professional and human sense, because we are faced to different people and business cultures”, – says A. Grigaliūnaitė.

Check to see if accounting could be your professional homes. Do you like:

  • Numbers, formulas, brain teasers
  • Math and computers
  • A sense of work completeness
  • When you find a mistake and include a good feeling
  • Solve the problems
  • Understand, improve systems and explain to others how they work
  • Prove your truth with numbers
  • Focus on the details
  • Analyze the world
  • Look for solutions to non-standard problems
  • Continuous learning and improvement of knowledge
  • Understand systems and their relatively simple beauty
  • Work on well-defined, structured work and improvise inside the structure.

If you have collected more than three “yes”, consider, maybe accounting is your future career? “Western Union Lithuania” is waiting for you! You will find relevant job offers –