From internship to software engineer chair | Mykolas

During his studies, Mykolas Gečas joined the „Swedbank“ IT support team in search of a place close to him for an internship. As he himself says: “At the time, I did not even have much hope that I would be invited or that my candidacy would be reconsidered. However, it all turned out that not only did I start my internship, but a few months later I became a specialist in the same team.

Working at „Swedbank“

„Every day I start by reviewing the list of works, finish the unfinished works of the previous day. Then there is the morning team meeting, where we share news and daily work according to the Agile methodology. My work includes testing online banking, checking databases, running and testing automated tests, and constantly consulting with each other in a team. ”

A myth I refuted

„Before joining „Swedbank“, I always thought that I would not meet young people at the bank, and I would feel a strong ‘leadership cult’ in all major organizations. I do not know who introduced me to this approach, but when I came to work here, realized that everything is more the other way around. We are a colorful and mutually supportive team, where a wide variety of people discover a common language and communicate as equals. ”

Growth at „Swedbank“

“Working in the IT Support team, I had the opportunity to get to know and help colleagues in various positions. One of them mentioned that if I ever needed an advice or help to find out my career prospects inside the bank, he would be happy to help me. I did not forget the offer and as soon as I felt it was time for change, contacted him. This colleague is a „Swedbank“ career counselor who has helped me figure out which direction I should be heading. After reviewing all the job offers, together we chose where I could best realize myself by gaining additional knowledge. It only took me a desire to grow and some time to enjoy my position on the international team. ”


„Although the challenges that drive growth occur in my work on a daily basis, some of the biggest ones are the whole quarantine situation and the change in the workplace. During quarantine, I spent most of my time in the office due to limited opportunities to do work from home. But it’s a welcome change that the new position allows me to work more remotely more often. Although it took time to get used to it, I would say that I have successfully discovered the balance between work and personal life. The change in the specifics of work has also become a kind of challenge. New tools and tasks prevent you from stopping and force you to constantly increase your knowledge and experiment. That’s what I call growth! ”


If you are determined to grow, „Swedbank“ can be a great place to do so: