From London back to Vilnius: how Jovita found a promising job and her dream team in Vilnius

After coming back from the United Kingdom, Jovita was unsure if finding an employer with an equally global outlook, company culture, and in general the good relationships with their personnel she saw overseas, would be possible here. After finishing her Culture Management studies at Vilnius University, Jovita now creates digital training content for the worldwide Western Union’s employees.

“Employee training is mandatory for a reason. It is important that people gain new skills that they can later use to climb the corporate ladder,“ says Jovita Ivoškaitė, „helping others perfect themselves and learn, involvement and variety are my passions. I truly got lucky because I can contribute to that through my job.” She has been creating training content for 1 year at Western Union, a payment agency that deals with international and inter-currency transfers.

Before coming back to Lithuania, Jovita worked and lived in the UK for 6 years – work in customer service abroad was attractive to her because of the diversity and care for their staff. She worked in a team that consisted of people coming from different cultures, in addition to disabled people. According to Jovita, that kind of experience really enriches your worldview and helps you understand how much you can learn from others.

Jovita Ivoškaitė notes that “after returning to vacation in Lithuania, I made a list of things that I want to get from a job. That list was made up of being able to remain creative and free, not constricted by bureaucracy, able to express myself. The firm that I worked in before was one of the friendliest workplaces for many communities. You can say that it spoiled me a little. That’s why my criteria when looking for new career opportunities included the company being global, varied and considering people as what they value most. I remember doubting if it was even possible to find something like that here, in Lithuania.“

An auspicious profession

Jovita describes the chance to join the Vilnius Western Union team as her success story. Besides the fact that this enterprise met the standards she had set, they also offered her a very promising and quite a rare job position. Jovita makes immersive digital employee trainings, something that is common for international businesses.

“My task is to change the usual outlook on these trainings, make them not just a boring formality. We work as a team to make e-training interactive and more like a game, interesting enough that it would actually help people acquire useful skills. The ability to work with different computer programs, having graphic design, communications and marketing skills can be helpful” Jovita emphasizes that in the future her profession will indubitably be even more in demand, not only because remote work is becoming a must but also because of the necessity to provide information to your employees in a creative and effective way. There are multiple teams working on specialist training programs; Jovita’s team has 6 experts, who create content for thousands of Western Union workers all over the world.

Jovita smiles and says that “we may be a small group of people, but we make an enormous impact.”

Making knowledge accessible 

The training, as stated by Jovita, is often like a simulation complemented by elements of game in a variety of fields: from those who work in customer service or with problem-solving to introductions to new programs or software. Employees register to it using a special program where they can look over the material in their own time.

“At work I focus on unleashing worker potential and ensuring that they are engaged. When making content I think about the fact that we are all unique, so we receive information differently. In Lithuania we don’t talk enough about people who need more time for such tasks, unlike in London, where we made an effort for our co-workers who, for example, were on the autism spectrum or for similar reasons had different learning capabilities. E-training is good in that aspect; people don’t have to worry about having to ask someone to repeat themselves or feeling uncomfortable because everyone else has finished their task already.” Jovita celebrates that Western Union does their best to diversify who they hire not only based on gender but also geography or culture, visible or invisible disabilities.

Ivoškaitė is also a member of Western Union’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee. There are many similar assemblies where employees volunteer to take care of important but not work-related questions. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee gives a lot of its time and attention to diversifying, organizing events or other activities so that everyone feels heard and can be themselves. Jovita adds that she sometimes makes diversity-related short educational games for her co-workers. For example, she presented the training about the LGBTQ community during this year’s Pride Month.

Apart of the team even through the screen

The effectiveness of e-training shows in the results and the positive feedback received from co-workers. That, according to Jovita Ivoškaitė, is very motivating. The global nature of the company is significant as well.

She adds that “the salary is not the only thing you can take from your workplace. Work-life balance, extracurricular activities, an international community, and the support of your superiors when you want to personally reach for your goals and improve is crucial. Even though I joined Western Union under unusual circumstances where we had to work from home and enter the virtual world, I felt like I belonged right from the start.”

She is not surprised that some of her colleagues have worked at Western Union for 10 years or more. When you are given such great opportunities to grow, a decade doesn’t seem that long.

Jovita remembers her experience at Vilnius University: “studying here laid the foundations for a wide range of career paths and was a great investment in my future. It provided knowledge and expanded my worldview. The warm academic environment nurtured my critical thinking skills, curiosity, and creativity. It has accompanied me on my professional journey.”

If Jovita’s story has inspired you, Western Union is always looking for additions to their team! You can find the job offers on their website.