Get to know The Impact Brands!

Let’s get acquainted – we are The Impact Brands. We are a fast-growing international company registered in America. The company owns six different brands offering customers high quality food supplements, beauty and animal health products. All products are made only from high quality, natural, organic ingredients. We are currently recruiting more than 200 talents from around the world. We are united by an ambitious goal – to make a positive impact on billions of people.

One of the main features of the company is working from home. That’s what the world is all about right now, and we have tried and tested this practice.  All 200 Impact Brands family members are safe and work comfortably at home or where they feel the most comfortable while working. Because working from home gives you freedom, our employees often go on long-term trips around the world, moving to work under the palm trees during the winter or spending the summer by the sea. What was once a dream for our employees has become an everyday reality.

Working from home is not the only advantage of working with us. Employees – the main company strength and are therefore given special attention. Each member who joins the team receives an annual health budget, various supplements, flexible working hours and plenty of vacations, extra money for setting up a home office, access to training and conferences worldwide, live and virtual events and many other benefits.

Social responsibility is one of the core values ​​of The Impact Brands. It helps us achieve our missions! The company cooperates with the international association Vitam Angels. From every sale made from our produced bottle, The Impact Brands donates vitamins and supplements to those who need them most – children and expectant mothers around the world.  Since the start of the program, the company has already contributed to the health of more than 500,000 children and expectant mothers. Our staff can contribute to noble missions themselves. Each employee has two paid days a year to participate in volunteering activities: care of stray animals, environmental management, assistance to grandparents, children, the poor. For those who need it the most.

Do you support our mission and want to make a positive impact on billions of people? Join our international teams! We have great offers for employees and trainees in various fields:

– For digital marketing professionals
– For personnel selection specialists
– For graphic designers and video makers
– IT guru
– For business development strategists
– And many others

Don’t hesitate! Become a part of our team.