VU student Edvardas: “Bankera is a great place for both personal and professional development“

Bankera, a Lithuanian fintech company, is one of the fastest growing in the country. Due to the company’s quickly expanding customer base and services, we are always searching for enthusiastic individuals who wish to join a diverse team of professionals. We invited one of our team members to speak about our job experience and career path, so let us hear VU student Edward’s opinion and experience in this company:

Introduction to Banker

I had no idea where I imagined myself after graduating from the Management studies program at Vilnius University’s Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. At the end of my first year, I decided to look for an unpaid summer internship to observe managers at work, experience organizational life, and get working experience. Vilnius University’s VU Career Days event caught my attention to the Bankera. When the company suggested interview for a position in the Money Laundering Prevention (AML) department, I was thrilled since I had always been drawn to analytical work and the new and unexpected challenges that awaited me every day. This is how I got up as a KYC (know your client) specialist, a profession that has always caught my interest.

First impressions

The company has always maintained a pleasant culture and open lines of communication with its employees. Bankera is characterized by a pleasant and inviting team, a dynamic workplace, constant communication, and a timetable that is customized to the employee’s needs. A lot of attention is focused on the development of the employee’s skills – regular trainings and excursions are held, because of which the person grows with the organization. The fact that the company keeps up with the latest technology and provides modern working conditions has left an indelible mark on this Fintech company.

Career path

I learned a lot while working as a KYC specialist in a constantly intriguing field, gradually taking on more and more different responsibilities. I tried to communicate not just with employees, but also with team leaders, who gave me important advice and helped me solve any issues that have arisen. It was a nice surprise to hear that less than three months after beginning my work with this business, the organization acknowledged my achievements and promoted me. So, I am now an expert in money laundering prevention and payment monitoring, but I believe this is not the end, because Bankera is a great place for both personal and professional development, with a lot of room for growth.