Moody’s: Providing a message of clarity during coronavirus uncertainty

Justinas Juknys, an Assistant Vice President and Manager in the Ratings and Research Support team writes about Moody’s role in tackling uncertainty triggered by the pandemic, and provides a glimpse inside life at Moody’s Lithuania:

The pandemic brought a lot of uncertainty to the economic and financial world – what sectors would be most affected? What impact will it have on businesses’ operations and financial performance?

The ability to assess the impact of the pandemic became increasingly important for governments, businesses, investors, regulators and society.

Against this backdrop, Moody’s mission to empower its customers to make better and faster decisions became more important than ever before. As a global credit ratings agency with over 39 thousand rated entities and 79 trillion dollars of rated debt from local governments, sovereigns and the largest global corporations, we rose to the challenge. Moody’s provided the relevant signals, information and analysis about the credit implications of the pandemic to the market, the creditworthiness of rated entities and their issued securities.

Moody’s will continue to monitor the key credit themes identified for 2021, such as an uneven global economic recovery, ongoing policy challenges facing governments, rising debt burdens for companies and governments, and shifting consumer and workplace behavior triggered by a digital transformation.  Moody’s will also continue to focus on the environmental impact of climate change, and look at social trends such as widening inequalities, changing population demographics and the increasing financial clout of millennials.

Our operations and deliverables would not be possible without the 11,000+ employees based across over 40 countries. Lithuania joined this diverse employee landscape in April 2019, with the opening of the Moody’s office in Vilnius. After establishing its operations and with a growing workforce, the Vilnius staff also contributed to the company’s workflow when tackling the challenges posed by COVID-19, especially during mid-2020.

Last year, the Vilnius based Ratings and Research support team (currently 22 and growing), produced hundreds of analytical deliverables, including credit opinions, client meeting presentations, data and qualitative research supporting Moody’s research and analysis in EMEA and APAC.  The financial data analyst team assisted with processing companies’ financial statements, while the global middle office group helped analytical teams publish their analysis in an accurate and compliant manner.

Now currently home to over 130 employees, the Vilnius office is continuously growing and has a wide range of opportunities open to graduates. Moody’s Lithuania also has departments such as commercial support, payroll, human resources, procurement, information security, compliance, communications and automation systems development. Each of these departments require a wide skillset and a diverse educational background.

The Vilnius University Career Days event will be a unique opportunity to hear more about Moody’s and its presence in Lithuania – be sure to tune in and learn more about how you can become a part of our story!

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