Rocket Software: Can you boost your lusterless LinkedIn profile easy?

Senior Software Engineering Manager from Rocket Software Giedrius Vėgelė has some tips and tricks for you how to boost your LinkedIn profile:

The side effects of COVID-19 have boosted electronical version of the Lithuanian job market hard and hunting for a position online during these times has become easy. But when you do come across an opportunity you are interested in, the digital age requires more than just a resume or written cover letter and the quality of these artifacts usually is very faint and not as employers expect them to be in this century. During the recruitment process, Rocket Software HR, recruiters and hiring managers have been moaning about LinkedIn profile strength and this is a very simple thing to fix and I decided to do a short summary on this topic. Your online presence and specifically the way you present yourself is known to have a very big impact on your job future prospect.

Let me start by wowing that LinkedIn is the single most fatal tool for your job search. If you know how to use this properly, where only few students know how to do this, LinkedIn can elevate your search to the next level or stage. I have evidenced LinkedIn success stories where students landed the exact job, they wanted due to some steps I am about to write about and here are few:

  • Your profile is your digital resume, and any errors could damage your credibility. Make sure you have a professional photo in the profile, your experiences are articulated clearly without any mistakes. In a nutshell, just build a neat profile with a robust and clear headline which tells your intent! Use the right keywords by looking up job descriptions you are going after and use them in your Summary and Skills & Experience section.
  • Connect with everyone in your existing network. Family, friends, lecturers, family friends, parents of your close friends, professional contacts that you already know. Consider not to connect with people you do not know. I usually don’t accept any invitations from people that I don’t know unless they provide an explanation of how they plan to add value or how they know me, or why do they need me in their connections.
  • Make a list of the organizations in which you want to work or intern. Then try to find their recruiters and follow them and try connecting with them. In case the connections are successful, try nailing down some attention: Ask for advice on how they got in and try to learn more about the recruiting process. Read up on the industry to show that you are informed and interested. Try to set up as many of these as possible. Also follow company pages of organizations you are interested in. Open positions will be listed on the company page, and you can apply to those. NEVER be afraid to directly reach out to recruiters in companies that you are interested in.
  • Utilize Groups – Join groups that you are associated with: High school alumni, professional groups in your area of industry, current school group, and any group focused on your location. This will allow you to monitor potential opportunities and give you an idea of the major players in your given field.
  • LinkedIn is not FB, Twitter, Instagram…. Most of the people on LinkedIn are authentic since it’s the ONLY professional networking platform. Unlike other social networks where people are usually mindful of their conversation on LinkedIn. Said this, I realize that the quality of conversations and interaction on LinkedIn is very high. Also bear in mind that people usually do not hide behind fake profiles on LinkedIn.
  • You can also share articles from your industry to build your own brand. Simply build a professional reputation based on the content you share and engage on, relevant to your career or business goals and focused on your target audience.
  • Some more short do’s and don’ts:
    • Don’t send mass messages seeking internships or jobs;
    • Check your LinkedIn profile strength;
    • Customize your LinkedIn URL;
    • Avoid buzzwords;
    • Proofread – avoid any spelling or syntax mistakes;
    • Enable 2-factor authentication for security.
  • Another tip worthy of pointing out, you must be committed to using LinkedIn regularly, not just now and then. It’s a business tool, now a side-line, get to it when I can tool. We don’t use email or the mobile as a side-line tool, don’t do that with LinkedIn either. Integrate the use of LinkedIn into your relevant business or career search processes.

All the above matters to me since LinkedIn is my ONLY social media platform.
Happy to connect on LinkedIn: Giedrius Vegele